House Wicke
of the Chandlery
Coat of arms A dark purple candlestick on a lavender background, with a white flame.
Words By Candlelight
Seat The Chandlery
Current Lord Alester Wicke
Region The Neck
Heir Martyn Wicke
Overlord House Reed
House Wicke is a noble house from Westeros, original to the The Season Two Fanon. They hail from the Neck.

Sigil Edit

House Wicke's sigil is a dark purple candlestick with a white flame on a lavender background.

History Edit

House Wicke is a small house from lands just north of the Neck. They live in a small keep close to a gulf and were originally founded by chandlers. Their territory borders on the lands of Houses Slate, Waterman, Reed and Stark, southwest of Moat Cailin.[1]

At some point, a daughter of Lord Kevan Wicke, Dacey, married Thorren Forrester and gave birth to Gregor and Gorden Forrester. Dacey's brother served as Lord of House Wicke for a time, until he died of gout.

His first son took up lordship but was slain at the Twins with many other northern lords in 300 AL, leaving his brother Alester to take up the mantle in his place.

Alester later sent one of his daughters, Lyla, to serve as a Lady-in-waiting to Lady Greta Whitehill - as a sign of good will to the Bolton bannermen.

Members Edit

Wicke Family Edit

Family Tree Edit

Kevan Wicke
Dacey Wicke
Thorren Forrester
Gregor Forrester
Gorden Forrester
Leyton Wicke
Alester Wicke
Martyn Wicke
Alora Wicke
Melessa Wicke
Lyla Wicke
Torrhen Wicke

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